Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lessons In Life by Palawan

I know I've been flooding entries about my Palawan trip these past few days. I just can't help but try to relive those happy, sunny days as summer comes to an end. And more importantly, these beautiful memories will always be treasured in my heart (emo much?). Seriously!

So here goes a round-up of all the fun we had in Palawan. As my sister and I keep on saying, the photos and videos were just not enough to capture the true beauty of the place, neither the real essence of fun and family that we experienced while we were there. And cliche as this may sound, words would also never be enough to explain how I felt. I could only simply hope that you get to experience it as I did.

And for the record, I was as pessimistic as I could get about this trip. From the rainy weather, to the lack of civilization (in reference to no wifi, no cabs, no AC, no mall, not even an effing movie hauz). I even had fear that my cousins would be boring and that we'd not get along well. I was in fact, acting like the city brat that I'm easily stereotyped as.

But I am proud to say that the place has taught me more than I expected. From humility, love for nature, being kind (everyone was so nice), patience (it was kinda required with my adorably kulit cousins), to the true meaning of family.

I'd like to give a special shoutout to the DueƱas family who have extended their hospitality to my own crazy family. It was such a joy to learn that they are as crazy and cool as we are. Inspite of the nosebleed I had in using my very limited Tagalog vocabulary, we were still able to annoy each other and bond in the process.

To Michael a.k.a. Monkel (only we can call him that), love your witty & sarcastic humor, which is so rare to find these days. I already miss our daily verbal sparrings.
To Marvin a.k.a. Korean boy, i'm sure you'll be breaking alot of hearts very soon. i already pity those girls.
To Mauie, good to know I have a cousin who can swim. He's our own personal lifeguard.
To Macky, the kid who makes his own words. Dodas ka! Thanks for "DODAS".
To Maverick, it was good to have a new bunso to kiss and hug again since my own brother is too old for it already. I'm surely gonna miss it when I see him next time and he'll be too old for it too.
To auntie Zeny & uncle Bob, thank you thank you thank you and SUPER BIG THANK YOU!!!

These guys made our trip so much better. I'd seriously fly to Palawan just to see them again.

'Nuff chessiness! Blame it on a momentary lapse on my part. Ha!

But seriously guys, you definitely have to go to Palawan too. Let the place cast it's spell on you. (This is me playing tourism ad for Palawan.)
And I promise you, it will do you a whole world of good.


Eden said...

i'm glad you had fun during your stay in palawan, D. i'm sure it was really memorable for you-- picturesque scenes plus the company of family, couldnt be better!

much love


Overdressed Me said...

now everyone wants to go to Palawan!!! I have been getting a lot of inquiries about Palawan ever since I got back and posted these entries.

it seems like I'm an effective endorser for the place. hahaha.