Monday, June 8, 2009

Preview June 2009

So here I am again, waiting for the latest issue of Preview magazine,
even though I know that copies will probably get in on the later part of the month, or the middle as the soonest.

So why do I insist on waiting as eary as the first week? Let's just say that I'm an uber impatient person and I just can't help but hope that a miracle will happen and that a copy would drop off from heaven straight to my lap anytime today.

Okay, that's too much to ask.
The least they could do is deliver earlier to our side of the country. But then again, even that is too much to ask too.
So I'll just go back to my waiting.

So I settled with this again.


Here's a peek of their cover with Marian Rivera playing as Barbie, in celebration of Barbie's 5oth birthday.

Yeah, that explains the pink overload.
I like that they did not attempt to turn her into an over-tanned blond. And I also like that deer-caught-in-the-headlight eyes. I'm not so sure though if I like the model herself. We'll see...

And again, don't forget to drop by Preview's official website, They featured these new hot Nooka watches that are uber cool. Go, check it our for yourselves!


Eden said...

hahaha, i absolutely don't like marian as well D. too overrated. but the issue contents sound fab... kinda pareho mu yves, also very religious in collecting preview.. but i'm totally a cheapskate.. totally get everything from the web, hehe.

btw d, hope to finally meet you on our next show.

much love


Rebecca Rose said...

Hi, can we exchange links? Im adding u now on my list. Thanks.

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