Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Shot The Sheriff

Was M.I.A. again.
So sorry guys.
Tzietel, don't kill me. Ha!

What's worse is I don't have any valid reason.
I was just feeling lazy.

Too lazy to go to fashion shows.
Too lazy to go out and drink with friends.
Too lazy to shop at the mall.
Too lazy even to leave my room to eat.

Okay, I change my mind.
Tzietel, you can shoot me now.

On me: shirt from Walmart, shorts from a bazaar, thrifted silk scarf worn as a belt, Ann Taylor sunnies, CMG polka-dot wedges


Tzietel said...

I was just about to shoot you! 08:00AM, local DXB time:- I did my part- opened your blog as part of my everyday TO DO list and asked myself: why were you not doing yours? Luckily, you were able to update before ive posted some tantrums!lol... have not opened your site during the weekend as i was enjoying at my boyfriend's beach farm. free booze and whatever! mwah!

Eden said...

you're looking so chic in that ensemble. hmm.. i believe i have the same pair of wedges, only that theyre brown and white hehe..

btw.. i also have really lazy phases. but too bad you're too lazy to go to fashion shows!

much love


Overdressed Me said...

oh no! Eden, don't shoot me too.

i promise il attend ur next gig.

Denise said...

me too! guilty as charged. Half the time am busy doing nothing, just feeling busy over whatever!

oh i love the whole outfit. Your shoe is sooooo cute!

cherie said...

the outfit is so chica! wow, I'd be going to the fashion shows if meron lang dito :D

Anonymous said...

loove loooove ur wedges D! parang i want one! HAHA!

che idrees said...

I love the outfit very chic! :)
See you around!