Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pressure and Paranoia

It's a Sunday and I'm trying to chill and relax at home today for I am dreading the next coming weeks. It will be pure hell at work and I wanted to come prepared. Our client is launching a sort of a special project and I'll be one of the guys spearheading it. Needless to say, the success of our account will depend on how our team performs. Not much pressure there, huh?

Waaahhhh... I'm about to cry!
And it also does not help that everybody is nice enough (insert: sarcasm) to remind me of the consequences every effin' minute. Not to mention that the big boss is on our ass every other minute in between. It really is not helping me any. The last thing I need is to stress myself out with it.

I wish they would just back off for a while.
I also wish Jumax was still in the company. *sniff sniff*

Now I'm off to get a foot spa and my nails done. I also plan to get as much sleep as I can. I'm seriously getting paranoid over the possibility of me being late. And I also don't think the clients would appreciate it if they find me sleeping in the middle of the training, no?

Wish me luck everyone!

On me: mom's wrap top, thrifted skirt, Burberry bag, bracelets from Glamour4U, LV & a bazaar, Carlos Santana galdiator shoes


Cheryl said...

I know this is hard to follow but just relax and let things flow naturally.Good luck on your project and loving the skirt. :)

Dane said...

I have the same chain bracelet except I made it myself.. thanks for reminding me to find in the depths of my royal mess at home.

Thanks for your super sweet comment.. Im actually from Cebu!

I will add you to my blogroll too =)

Mads said...

Hi there!! thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad you like it..=) love your clutch and the black chain bracelet!! will add you to my list too, thanks for the follow..=)

Rebecca Rose said...

Hey beautiful, I noticed that U are the queen of skirts :)... They are all beautiful.

Take care.

>>> Becca

Stephanie Kim said...

i love that skirt! the bottom hem details are so pretty

Tzietel said...

wow... daghan na kaau naga comment sa imo. Artista napud ka.hehehe...

no updates lately?