Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back To Regular Programming

Before you all shoot me dead, let me start by saying that I officially hate my IS provider. I had no connection for 3 effin' days and it took 4 irate phone calls for them to actually start working on it. So much for customer service, eh?

Also, I have been tied with the new project at work that I have mentioned on my last post. Not to mention that my current schedule is simply killing me. Talk about rush hour.

So I have been operating on a 3-hour sleep and 6 cups of coffee for the past 4 days. I must have a death wish!

The only thing I'm looking forward to right now is that I'll be on my rest day tomorrow. So expect more posts from me over the weekend. And yes, I still have a few more things I'd want to rant about.
Oh life, so much drama.

On me: thrifted balloon top, Promod bib necklace, Promod bubble skirt, Mags bracelet watch, Naturalizer plaid office bag, People Are People shoes


cherie said...

I lurve the black skirt! So cute :D I think we have the same shoes, mine is only brown. and wow, you have blog updates with your schedule! keep it cool :D

stringedmusic said...

i didnt read the blog, but I MISS YOUUU!!!! mwah