Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fickle-Minded Girl

I was, and still am, very exhausted with the new project that I'm helping out with at work right now.

Normally, I would be stressing myself out with these kind of things and would eventually end up attacking some poor, innocent bystanders.
But lucky, poor, innocent bystanders, I've been keeping my cool lately.
Maybe I did learn something from my previous supervisor after all. Thanks to Emmy, who's the very definition of grace under pressure!

Now this time, I decided to unwind by meeting up with my blog-resident-by-now friend, Jumax, at our usual coffee place. Our Bo's sessions really work as therapy to my old, beaten soul.
(soul my a*ss! we all know I don't have a soul. lol.)

We then decided to eat lunch at Cafe George, Jumax's favorite. It was my first time there so Jumax introduced me to their garlic bread with spinach & cheese dip. Now let me tell you, that uber gooey spinach & cheese dip was the bomb!

Hot day that was, by the way. So I decided to put on some summer dress. We've got some crazy weather out here. It just can't make up its mind, it's as fickle-minded as a girl.

Oh wait, I AM a girl. sheeesh!

On me: Speed Control maxi dress, mom's white shirt, Charles & Keith convertible bag, Icing statement rings, sister's thong sandals

Photo Credits: Photos by Jumax. thanks btw! you're the best.


Tzietel said...

love this! i love the tiled floor as well... nice...missing Cebu so much!

stringedmusic said...

i should be a photographer. hahaha i need you d. i need to shop for my sister's wedding. she's pissed. i still dont have an outfit. sheeesh!

Kristine said...

I love that spinach cheese at Cafe George! :) And super cheap, too. Yum now I'm hungry :)