Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ms. Conservative

Crystal blue waters
Hot, blazing sun
Endless white sand
Fresh island breeze
Free-flowing booze
Wild partying with friends

Perfect weekend plan? Definitely.
Current location? In my 'ol room, stuck all alone.

I'm supposed to be sailing away right now, off to an island retreat. But bad luck just won't leave me alone. I was scheduled to work this weekend. Which explains my 'Ms. Conservative' outfit instead of donning one of my skimpy bikinis.

I could cry right now.

On me: thrifted mustard cardigan, high-waist pencil skirt from SM, skinny belt from Ross, Carlo Santana shoes


Marie-Louise said...

i love mustard colored sweaters- looks lovely on you

cherie said...

oh... I was supposed to go on the mid year sales too but work interferes. Cute mustard sweater!

Tzietel said...

i love the mustard but not the entire outfit... teacher mode kaau lol!

Cheryl said...

Oh yes, I know that feeling while I was working back then. Everybody goes on a vacation while you're left in the workplace because somebody's got to do the job on that day. Really sucks! On the brighter side at least you're bank account is safe for now. ;) Loving the mustard sweater and those strappy heels.:)