Thursday, June 25, 2009

Autumn In New York

Here I am again with my autumn obsession. Seriously guys, I think autumn has the best fashion to offer because they have the richest colors ever! I wonder what style autumn would bring us this year around. Now I'm all dreamy-eyed.

Anyway, I just got home from work and I'm planning to cook spicy gambas for lunch. Gawd, I miss Bubba Gump!

Another thing I've been going gaga over are the twister fries from McDonald's, paired with caramel sundae. And yesterday, I also made french toasts and topped it with strawberry ice cream. *yum yum*

No wonder I've gained 50 lbs. these past few weeks. Arghhh!!!! I'm such a weakling. I so hate myself right now.

On me: Bench men's shirt, bubble skirt from Ayala, Icing beaded necklace, Figlia bag, Raphaella Booz platform wedges


cherie said...

haha, i'm crazy over those twister fries too! I love the yellow, it brings those shades-of-tree-leaf in mind :D

Cheryl said...

I totally share your weakness,just can't stop eating ice-cream and I always cook french fries every week. Good thing,McDonald's is so far from my place but Burger King is just around the corner. sigh!

On a lighter note, love that lemony bubble dress on you and the necklace and yes,autumn is my favorite season too!

Toni said...

checked out Bench this afternoon to see if they have plain shirts like the one you're wearing D pro no more stocks na :( haha sunod2x ever!

ana b. said...

There's nothing wrong with enjoying food! You look gorgeous in your mustard-y skirt anyway.