Sunday, June 14, 2009

Social Life: Mission Accomplished

Part II of my attempt to resurrect my social life from the dead.

This time, I went out supposedly for coffee with "The Gels." But this plan turned out to be dinner, then coffee, then the bookstore. And add to that a little window shopping. I am still on the lookout for a new pair of dark, oversized sunnies to replace my broken one.

Thanks to the pouring rain that day, we all ended up leaving late and the lovely Sun-kissed Dreamer had to pick each one of us up.
And thank God for that too 'coz it was seriously flooding right outside our house.
Drainage system? What drainage system?!!! Our subdivision is such a failure.

So the rain and flood gave me an idea of what to wear for that night. I thought it would have been appropriate to don some booties and sweater to go with the weather.

And boy was I glad to have gone out that night inspite of the rain. We had dinner at Mooon Cafe for some Mexican food then had coffee at UCC to try their Jap coffee. And let me also tell you that my eyes practically bulged out when I saw their prices. Php300++ ($7) for one effing slice of a cake!!! I could already get a 12-inch Subway sandwich that could last me an entire day with that.

L-R: moi, Kendi of monologues of the mentally misbegotten, G, Alele & Toni of Sun-kissed Dreamer

UCC's iced Irish cream espresso coffee and their button to call for a server

We then proceeded to Fully Booked (an uber cool bookstore) where we all morphed to the geeks that we truly were. Ha! I got to purchase 2 books which I don't think I'll ever get to read. I know... sad, just sad.
This was then followed by a photoshoot session right outside the bookstore since they don't allow photographs inside.

things we found along the way: green apples, Belo Medical Center (and no, I didn't get anything done)

I'm just so glad that I got to do this with The Gels and got to catch up with them inspite everyone's busy schedule. I hope I would get to join more of their sessions.

I also got to see a lot of the usual party people that night, the usual weekend crowd. Nice catching up with them too.

Overdressed Me's social life: Mission Accomplished!

On me: thrifted sweater, Topshop footless leggings, booties from SM, CHarles & Keith convertible bag

Photo Credits: Thanks to Rose with her fancy DSLR and to G for putting up with my crazy photo moments!


kendi said...

and the heavens conspired last night! :)

stringedmusic said...

congratulations d! hahaha :)

FHCN said...

You look adorable. That sweater rocks! And that Irish cream expresso looks heavenly...
It looks like you had a great time with your friends!! :)

Toni said...

it was so nice catching up with u gels! we should do this a monthly thing =D

always, always loved ur booties D!