Friday, June 19, 2009

Hot Choco Is My Personal Shrink

Went out again for breakfast with my dear friend and constant Bo's partner, Jumax. I'm so glad I've got a friend whom I can call when I'm feeling shitty and someone who makes me feel better just by being there. Love you loads, Jumax!!!

As I was saying, I was feeling shitty (a.k.a. stressed much) because of work lately. And I could just imagine how it'll turn worse, then to worst, during the coming weeks.
Please do pray for my soul. And don't be too surprised if I won't get to post soon. It'll only mean that I didn't survive and died from stressing. Ha!

It seems that our Bo's sessions have been becoming frequent lately. We call these sessions as therapy sessions (and the hot choco are our own shrinks?).
And this time, the busy Rap joined us for a little catching up too.

Above: Jumax & Rap. Below: Moi & Rap

We also did a little gift hunting for Rap's husband for their wedding anniv. Yahoo for you guys!
(F.Y.I. My contribution was stapling the gift bag together. Hahaha! I just had to add that in.)

I also saw another bookshop but this time, I was too sleepy to check out their goodies. Bummer! (On geek mode again.)

On me: thrifted cardigan, thrifted skirt, Charles & Keith convertible bag, Vivacci MJs


Cheryl said...

Love your top and your MJ shoes.:) Yes, bonding with friends is so much fun. You're lucky you can always meet with your friends anytime you want. Have a beautiful weekend ahead! :)

cherie said...

I love a good bookstore! i think i can live in a library and be happy haha. i love your outfit!

rapornzel said...

Yes! na-starring nasad ko! wohoo! hahahaha :)tnx 4 helping me out w/ron's gift..til the next bo's breakfast! :)

stringedmusic said...

luvyah loads too queen D1!

we should call outselves Bos Hot Choco Club. we go to bos all the time but we never order coffee. haha

and rap, did you get the lingerie and the sexy music i told you to get? hahaha guess d, is better with gift suggestions huh?