Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Going Green

Packing for Palawan was hell for me. Not only did I not have enough time to do it in between my 9-straight days of work and 4 hours of sleep, I also never got the chance to shop for it. I ended up doing my packing within an hour only, and on the night before we were to fly out. Unbelievable, isn't it? As my sis said, "You're f*cking Wonder Woman." Ha!

I was just glad I remembered to bring a deo. But I did forget to bring my own toothbrush. Thanks to my mom for her incredible "mommy-foresight", she gave me a spare one.

One thing I didn't forget to bring were my accessories. It being a summer escapade, I decided to play tourist and do an overload of it. But I also had enough sense to only bring one set of it, otherwise, I would have gone excess baggage on PAL.

So my theme this summer was white and wood. Overdressed Me is going green. I also urge you to do the same thing. I even no longer ask for my groceries or purchases to be stored in a plastic. And I now hate it when I see plastics floating in the sea. Go get a yourself a canvas shopping bag. Palawan has done this to me. Go green!

Accessories: Icing beaded necklace, shell ring and wooden earrings from Glamour4U, wooden bracelet from a bazaar

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