Sunday, June 21, 2009

Licensed To Drool

On my recent shopping spree, I noticed that I bought quite a number of items in black. I haven't worn them yet since our weather has not yet made up its mind on what season it is going to be. I kid you not when I say that if it rains tonight, the sun then blazes over your head the very next morning. That's how fickle-minded the weather has been lately.

And besides, I didn't want to ruin my latest pair of shoes. Funny how I just want to drool over them and never want to wear them. Is this normal or not? Ha! But they're simply to die for!!!
So go ahead, drool over them. We could all drool together. hahaha...

These amazingly comfortable pants, I got during a recent sale in SM. I was so glad when I discovered them with all the craze going on in such a crowded place. You see, I didn't know they were holding a sale that day.

I also had my annual flu shot this weekend. There's still a gnawing pain on my left arm but I'm just glad I'm not coming down with a fever as it's known to happen after getting a vaccine.

And by the way,

On me: Softcore striped shirt, cropped pants from SM, random bands tied as bracelets, People Are People platforms


stringedmusic said...

omg! i loooove the pants! you gotta help me scour for one of those. and are those the shoes that you just drool on and refus to wear.

dang, they are hot. but no, you wont see me wearing one of those soon. but i might have to bring out some sexy shoes from one of my dusty shoe boxes, i am in need of variation. lol. but those shoes, sure fit the fuck-me-shoes category! hahaha

Toni said...

looooooooooove ur shoes D!!
gorjeeeeezzz!! i want one! lols.
and the pants! not everyone can pull off a look like this but u definitely rocked it! chic and edgy!

am still working on my summer ender pics btw. ugh. most shots were overexposed! rose forgot to adjust whatever chuchu sa cam that needed adjustment. sheeesh. and working with photoshop is never really my forte. :s

thanks for tagging me! will answer asap! :)

Stacy said...

love the shoes - you're right, totally drool worthy! and the weather here is like that too haha

hope your arm feels better soon!

Cheryl said...

Wow, you have the right to drool over your platforms, they're hot!!!
..and yes... I'm drooling over them too.hehe!:)

irmiana said...

omg. The shoes! THE SHOES! *loves*


--sweetpinks-- said...

nice shoes,.. love it...:D...