Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogger Police

So you have been reading about Tzietel, my crazy friend who's currently in Dubai.
Very recently, she has been harassing me with letters of complaint and guilt trips everytime I miss posting an entry.
Geez, whoever appointed her as the blogger police?! Is there even such thing? Ha!

So before she takes out her handcuffs, here goes my post for today.

This is something that I wore last week. If I remember correctly, I just decided to grab the nearest thing that day on my way to work.
And yeah, it was because I was running late as usual. I guess I was still suffering from hangover from my recent vacay.

Thanks for not cutting me any slack and always keeping me in line, Officer Tzietel.
Goes to show how well you know me.

On me: thrifted dress, Maldita headband, skinny belt from SM, People Are People MJs, Ann Taylor sunnies


Eden said...

really good buy from the ukay ha! and also you remind me that i need mary janes in my life.:)

btw, will you be at kaskade later? hope to see you there!

much love


Overdressed Me said...

i was juz by SM and saw a similar outfit and it cost P900. crazy, right?

definitely a yes for MJs.

sorry, i was not at kaskade. was at work. bummer!