Friday, June 12, 2009

Back To School

My feet are now dead from walking the streets for hours in effing high heels.
Believe it or not, I have actually just participated again in a thrift shopping escapade with a couple of my friends, after months of banning myself from any form of shopping.

You see, it was completely unplanned, thus explaining why I didn't come prepared with my trusty ballet flats. We practically visited every single thrift shop on the entire strip. Poor neglected feet of mine!

Now this outfit, I actually wore it in two different ways that day.

People at work thought I looked like some schoolgirl. And after they've gotten over that, they then moved on to obsessing over the fact that the white shirt was my dad's. So now they call it as the "infamous dad's shirt." I found this really hilarious.

I hope that together with this renewed spirit for shopping, that my gusto for everything else in my simple life would also come back. I even have a few social appointments lined up today and for the rest of the weekend. Aren't you proud of me already?!

On me: dad's shirt, thrifted skirt, platform MJs from Leaveland, skinny belt from SM, Glamour4U wooden earrings


stringedmusic said...

luv the outfit d. i wonder if i can pull off something like that? hmmm..

Overdressed Me said...

sure you can! as you always tell me, we can always do things with our own little touches of style.