Monday, March 15, 2010

Major Bling Bling

I was feelin' like a cross between some ghetto girl and a 70's disco ball in this top. Lol.
But I had major fun wearing it.

That was until I realized that my sequins were shooting off twinkle-like reflections on anything it could catch.

Talk about attention-grabbing wherever I go. It was pretty much equivalent to wearing a pink flashing neon sign.

But what the heck...
C'est la vie!

Wore this while satisfying my sushi craving. Lately, I've noticed myself turning Japanese.

On me: thrifted sequined top, Urban Outfitters blazer, Mango skinnys, Chelsea footwear, random rings & bracelets


Anonymous said...

gorgeous sequined top, D!
and i love the blue ring! ;)

Eden said...

that is totally fine, love! hell, id wear sequins even just going to the market. power to statement making outfits! don't be afraid:)


cherie said...

those sequins are love!

Cheryl said...

Sequins are perfect for partying too! I like your black cocktail ring.

Dane said...

Love the sequins!

Anonymous said...

I love this look. all your accessories. hmm hmm.

Verna Abril said...

love your top and accessories! :)