Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soda Vs. Coffee

I used to be a coffee addict a few years back.
That was before I stayed in the hospital for four days due to a stomach complication caused by endless cups of coffee I have been drinking.
So I guess that was the end of my coffee days.

These days though, there are still times when I get no sleep and I'm supposed to get to work with little energy.
My new pick-me-up energizer? Soda! At least a liter of it.
Thanks to this sugar-loaded carbonated drink, I can still do a straight 10-hour shift without dropping dead in the middle of it.

Anyway, it's summer here in the Philippines and I could kill for a glass of ice-cold water right now.

Hot? Go figure!

On me: dress from Ayala, random woven belt, Ppl R Ppl gladiators, F21 floppy hat


Dane said...

I love your floppy hat and Im glad youre back to blogging! I was in Cebu for a while but I had no idea there was a waterpark.. I will definitely check it out on my next trip..


cherie said...

wow i love this outfit. definitely screams summer. :)

Stacy said...

love your big hat! the print on your dress is adorable

and thank you for your sweet comment, i really appreciate it

stringedmusic said...

Oh my fucking fuck! You are so friggin baaaaaaaack! Welcome back! The entire blogsphere misses you!!!! hahahahaha

By the way, I am declaring myself a fashion warrior now. I will be hot! Sizzle sizzle. Hahahaha

I am obsessed about make-up!

Cheryl said...

Love your dress, it´s so light summery!

darliza said...

woah. You're back!

Tzietel said...

complaining already? unsa nalang kaha kung ma 50degrees pud diha pareha diri? tsk tsk! this is ur best outfit so far that ur back! lovin it...