Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Victorian Lady

So I found more old photos of mine during my hiatus.

This time, I'm featuring a very few photos from Glam Night at work last September.
I decided to ditch the usual gown and dress and wore this ruffled top that my sis found at a thrift shop.

The top's details and materials are just beautiful!!!

I just realized that I look like I had an overdose of some tanning lotion in these photos. Ha!

On me: thrifted ruffles top, thrifted pencil skirt


Eden said...

glad you're back to blogging babe! its been awhile jud and so glad youre back:)

btw, kindly tell dawnie na she won my contest! yay!


cherie said...

hey you're back! we missed your posts :)keep 'em coming soon

Anonymous said...

D! am so glad you're back!
i love your top. gorgeous! :)