Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starting Summer Early

Here's a head start to summer...

My boss treated the entire team to this waterpark here in Cebu, Imperial Palace. I have been in the beach for two weekends in a row now and I'm simply loving my tan. It also wouldn't hurt if I had the perfect bikini bod too. But I'm not complaining. Ha!

I tried my darnest to look for a floppy straw hat but can't seem to find one. It would have gone well with my summer look. I found one on F21. Now all I need to worry is how to have it shipped here.

The water slides that I was too chicken to ride. Boo for me!
Though, their international buffet was too perfect for indulgence.

Beach person that I am, I simply cannot wait for summer to officially come!
Please come very soon, pwetty pweeeaasee....!!!

Special mention: Thanks to mah friend Prinkay for "playing" around with my photos.

On me: Tropikal Relik maxi dress, Speed Control swimwear (underneath), Ann Taylor sandals


Eden said...

that maxi is stunning! oh and ive never been to the waterpark. should check it out soon..


Anonymous said...

i love your maxi dress D! ;)
i've never been to Imperial too.. hopefully we can check the place out come March :)

Oh and am gonna host a giveaway contest pretty soon D, im giving away a floppy hat. im still formulating the mechanics churva something haha! will give you a heads up once its up na ;)