Sunday, December 28, 2008

100% Natural

Had coffee with my friend Karl and wore this white ensemble. It was pretty chilly last night so I added the infamous jacket on.
(Told ya it'll make lots of cameo!)

I added touches of brown to break the solid whites. Brown reminds me of natural earth colors so I went ahead and wore this feather necklace. A Christmas present from my bro. Thanks btw!

The vintage brown purse is one of my recent thrifted items. My sis and I went on an impromptu thrift shopping but were slightly dissapointed since we didn't have a lot of finds.

On me: thrifted jacket, Promod necklace, thrifted white collar shirt, Guess jeans, vintage purse, Leaveland platform MJs


karl said...

im going to sue you for putting my name in your blog! hmmp! miss you

Overdressed Me said...

whatever! if anything, I AM helping you with your popularity rate AND market value. lol. miss u too.