Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guilty as Charged

I once posted how I usually wear formless (baggy & lazy) black dresses as comfort clothes. They become my bestrfriend especially on days when I've been eating a lot of those extra cheese.

So yeah, that's what I've been feeling lately. How can one resist with all the Christmas cheer and feast going on?!

So I wore this while doing my final Christmas shopping yesterday. My feet definitely deserve a little TLC at a spa.

On me: thrifted shift dress, oxford peep-toes from SM, my sis' oversized bag


melanie palen-ng said...

way to go D! you have certainly unleashed your inner fashionista to the fullest. i love how you take the risk even if it means that you're seemingly "overdressed" for the kind of setting there and how people would really stop and stare. you know what i mean. but that is really what its meant, for people to stop and stare, because then you know you stand out in the crowd and you don't look typical and monotonous and boring. the last time i went home, geez, what's with the skinny jeans and Havaianas flip-flops? can i see something else? ;)

Overdressed Me said...

hahaha. tnx alot ms. palen! i really appreciate ur comment. u were exactly ryt in saying how ppl here wud stare wen ur different. but u were also ryt, i luv standing out. i promise to post more outrageous outfits for u. lol. miss u much!