Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inspire me, my Muses

I just have those days when I'm simply uninspired. Those are the days when I completely don't feel like dressing up.

When these days come, I always go to my "Muses" for inspiration.

Because I love real clothes worn by real people.
I have to admit that most of my outfits are what you call "safe". I still get conscious when people stare at me. This is why I'm amazed with people who carry their clothes with full confidence & are having a blast with it. Kudos to you all!
For someone so young, 18 yrs. old, her creativity is just never ending. She can throw on anything and make them work in a very chic way! We could all learn something from her. She was afterall, my inspiration to start this blog.
Because I love my own.
These are two petite ladies, Rosanna who lives in the same country I am, and Hanna who works in UK (?). I like Rosanna because she has the confidence to wear her outfits in the oh-so-conservative country we live in. While I like Hanna since she wears a lot of black for work and I also happen to love black and also has to dress for work.

Today, I'm wearing my good old jeans, a white tee and my trusty oversized bag, and I'm ready for thrift shopping. I'm on a hunting trip!

So forgive me for my boring outfit for now, but I promise I'll be back with more loot.

On me: Guess jeans, Love/Hate shirt, high Havaianas, unknown patent bag

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