Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I've Got a Sweet Tooth

My sis and her bff Kendii were trying to decipher my kind of style while at a thrift shop the other day.
I still haven't gotten over that Kendii insisted that my style is "Bi*tchy".

And to prove them wrong, I wore this "sweetly patterened & sweetly colored" mini dress for work yesterday.
It was too short for work but what the heck! I got away with it anyway. Lol.

So I guess you can say I'm bi*tchy like that, eh?

Lovin' this dress' balloon sleeves and yes, it's got pockets! Must be sent from heaven.

On me: thrifted mini dress, Promod leather belt, SM booties


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Anonymous said...

you thriftshop so well

Overdressed Me said...

thanks a lot! it's funny 'coz I only just started thrift shopping over a month ago :-)

giselle said...

hi D!!! i love your dresses! where do you usually thriftshop man???

Overdressed Me said...

i get SMS from the thriftshop in Cocomall everytime they have new arivals. they're located on the 2nd floor. try it there.