Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Broke and Broken

I've been attempting (attempt being the operative word) to save up some moolah for an upcoming trip I have planned. And believe me, the only reason I agreed to this trip is because of the endless list of things I can shop there which I cannot find here. Seriously!

This was the reason I have been avoiding shopping malls like they were the plague sent by god.

But I am such a weakling and I finally caved in to the temptation. I joined my aunt at some salon and while she was having her hair done I spent my time AND money buying the ff in an hour:
  • 2 pairs of sunnies (of the same style but in different colors)
  • 2 tube dresses
  • a pair of flat glads (yes, I even bought something flat)
  • a not-so-oversized bag
  • more nail polish
  • some trial-sized makeup
  • & a headband with a medium-sized bow

*Sigh* I'm soooo going to regret this come tomorrow.

Of course I'll post the goodies here once I get the chance to wear them. 'Coz up until now, I still haven't thought of outfits to wear them with. I must be really crazy! Yes?

Actually, I'm just depressed. So I binge eat and I binge shop. Argh! Is there even such thing? Must be that thing they call "retail therapy". That has got to be it!

Ha! Such lame excuses I have. Who am I kidding?

On me: thrifted patterned dress, SM skinny belt, SM booties

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