Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vanille Patisserie & Good Vibes

I did my social responsibility yesterday and finally met up with all my friends whom I jilted on previous occasions (sorry again Sky). I also finally did my dreaded and long overdue errands.

I feared I was going to get sidetracked again with shopping inside the mall but to my surprise, I was actually dissapointed and was so uninspired the entire day. I swear I almost threw another one of my world-class tantrums just because I was not happy. I know, so brat of me!

I finally settled at this far-end French cafe in Ayala's The Terraces, called Vanille Patisserie. I fell in love with their quaint and cozy surrounding, their French music & Quiche Lorraine and their free Wifi. There was so little people around and they just left me alone happily browsing MEGA's January 2009 issue. I swear I can stay there forever.

On me: thrifted button-down dress, new Penshoppe sunnies, random earrings, new mustard foldable bag, unknown pumps

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