Saturday, January 17, 2009

Warm and Toasty

It has been really cold & windy here lately. Must be why I'm getting sick a lot. I finally went back to work after my 4-day leave, which was spent most of the time at home. I know, so bitter of me. Anyway, I needed something really comfortable, warm & cozy, like a blanket that I could curl into. I remembered this hooded top I had from a trend years ago and thought it was perfect!

I just added the jacket since the striped top was cap-sleeved and I didn't want to freeze to death in the cold. The jacket also worked on updating the top's old trend. And most importantly, it gave me a waist despite the horizontal stripes. I know, so vain of me. Lol.

On me: Mags knitted top, unknown black skinnys, Giordano jacket, unknown black pumps

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