Friday, January 23, 2009

Size 10 & Barely 5 Ft. Tall

I did notice that color blocking was so hot on the fashion runways last year. So when I found this dress at a thrift shop, I immediately grabbed it and felt like I was on cloud nine.

....That was until I realized that I wasn't a size-zero-6ft.-tall model. The horizontal color blocks were just not going to work for my size-10(?)-and-barely-5ft.-tall frame. But because I have a head as hard as a rock, I insited on finding a way to wear it else I'll feel cheated with my money spent. (Even though it was entirely my fault. But still.)

Check out how it turned out. Cross fingers.

On me: thrifted color block dress, random wide belt, black cardigan, CLN pumps, random necklace

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