Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flying First Class

I wish!

I'm flying to the US next month for a vacay so I'm getting frantic preparing for the trip. I'm trying to keep my cool but sometimes it's just oh so hard.

I've been busy buying comfy shoes, carry-all bags and wardrobe staples (more plain white shirts) to bring along the trip. I'm finding it hard to go by without my shoe collection but I have to unless I decide to pay for extra baggage.

I just comfort myself with the knowlege that the lesser I bring on my way there, the more loot I can bring back home. Ha!

Lots of polka dot action here. Should have worn this during New Year, eh?

On me: polka dot top, random polka dot scarf, thrifted skirt, Ayala dept. store belt, People Are People MJs

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