Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globes Fashion

I just love awards nights. They give us the chance to play fashion critics or to simply check out the latest trends.

However the recent Golden Globes brought out fashion that was just so-so. There was a lot of neutral colors like grey, beige, white and of course, black. But nothing intresting at all... that is if you don't count Ryan Seacrest getting dissed by Brad and Angelina. Lol.

But can someone please explain to me what Heidi Klum was wearing? She looks like Minnie Mouse for christsake! And is that plastic material or some sushi wrap?

I'm also not so crazy over Cameron Diaz's outfit. What she wore was a far cry from her usual sophisticated & chic style. This dress may cost gazillions but she looks like she is going to an 80's prom to me.

Click here to check out the photos from the recent Golden Globes.
You may need to click on their Previous Entries link at the bottom of each page to specifically view the photos from the Golden Globes since their links move everytime they have new entries.

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