Friday, January 30, 2009

Hysteria Kicking In

Woke up today with a message on my YM that I had to fly a week earlier than scheduled. Eeek! That gives me less than 2 weeks to work on, oh well just... everything. OMGeeeee!!!!!

I knew something like this would happen. Good thing I'm ahead of schedule with most of my tasks at work. But then I have to go book tickets for the new dates and it seems that seats are running out. That or they're waayyyy overpriced. And don't get me started on my connecting flights and hotel reservation. *Sigh*

It's amazing how I can still blog with my frayed nerves right now.

On me: SM high-waist pencil skirt, SM striped sheer top, Promod leather belt, What A Gurl Wants camisole, Ayala platform pumps


hanna said...

this looks so good on you! SM is the BEST!! one of the things i miss most about manila :D

Overdressed Me said...

so true! they're dirt cheap for a mall.