Friday, January 9, 2009

Red means stop, Yellow means...

Went to have my nails done in some random salon. Wore a staple outfit and of course, 'coz I'm always overdressed, I added a pop of color. I finally got a mustard bag and a new pair of flat glads.

The pair of glads is actually another cheap thrill of mine. I got it from a local department store for only Php599. Then while I was browsing through People Are People, I saw exactly the same pair of glads there, with an edited brand name, for Php799.

So for my friends out there, you could buy the same thing and tell them you got them at People Are People. They can never tell the difference. Ha!

On me: Bench V-neck shirt (men's), Human denim skirt, mustard foldable bag, Promod feather necklace, yellow gladiator sandals

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