Friday, January 16, 2009

That's Glamour For You

While cruisin' the mall with my dear friend Sky, we came upon this stall selling accessories galore. I went gaga buying gazillions of their trendy and hot items. And the good new is, they are so freaking affordable! Most of their items were only at Php50 and I didn't find anything that went beyond Php100. Yes, too good to be true.

Unfortunately, they didn't sell any rings. And I'm in dire need of a statement ring (an exaggeration!). So on we went in search for one. While doing this, we dropped by this other stall selling accessories and we saw that they had some of the same items that I bought. But here's the catch, they sell them at a whooping price of Php150.

That means, this is another cheapthrill for us! Love it! The brand's name is 4UGlamour and do check them out at The Maze in Ayala. I'm on my way back there right now to get some more goodies. Later!

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little tea cup said...

ooooowh ate that last photo looked like apair of eyes. hihi. just saying