Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Press the Panic Button

A few more weeks and I'll be flying out. I'm now starting to feel panicky at the same time trying to keep my cool. Not an easy task by the way.

So I made a list of things that I need to buy to take with me:

comfy wide-legged trousers - perfect for the long-haul flights

maxi dress - again, it's all about comfort

oversized carry-on bag - it's gotta be big to keep all my essentials handy

chic & light jacket - when the tropical gurl in me can no longer handle the cold

more plain basic tees - which I can pair with almost everything

black leggings - for those chilly nights, & they're lightweight to the baggage

a pair of black bikini - 'coz there's a beach right across our place

gym membership - so I can fit into the bikini. LOL.

I'm not a practical traveller and there's no chore I hate more that packing (Karl knows this best!). So if there's anything else I need to bring with me, tips I need to know, reminders, etc. please shoot me an email/leave me a comment... before my hysteria kicks in.

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