Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garage Sale

My mom has been nagging me endlessly to stop shopping for clothes. I think if I were still 9 years old, she'd surely put a ban on me and ground me for weeks if I disobeyed. Aren't I glad I'm already beyond that?!

Now here, it's not that my mom has anything against fashion. It's just that I really have no more space for all of my clothes. Well, unless I decide to use my bed as a makeshift closet and completely forgo sleeping in the process.
So not happening!

So I thought of doing some sort of garage sale. I absolutely have no idea how to go about it so I'm just glad that I have tons of friends who offered to help me, while the rest of them have demanded to get the first pick on the items. Selfish much?

Now I'm all giddy and excited over this since this will be my first time to do a garage sale.
And I have already decided that the proceeds will definitely go to my shopping bills. Anything extra from that would simply mean another shopping escapade for moi.
Gawd, I'm so predictable already. Lol.

On me: thrifted lace top, What A Girl Wants cami, thrifted jumper skirt, Vivacci rust MJs


Mads said...

Hi there thanks for your sweet comment.. It made my day..=) Hmmm I don't know how to do a garage sale too..hehe.. Wow you'll have more closet space and lots of shopping money to fill the space haha.. Check out zara super daming nice tops in their 495 sale rack..

che idrees said...

ooooh! I love your outfit! :)
Garage sale? hmmm sayang wont be there lol! :)


Rebecca Rose said...

Garage sale is fun :), we just had one last weekend. I wish andyan ako and Im pretty sure I would come :).

>>> Rebecca Rose


Eden said...

good luck with the garage sale! my production company is actually organizing a charity bazaar/thrift sale also from different fashionista's closets.. maybe you could check that out!

too bad you missed out last saturday, but hope to see you real soon!