Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tender Loving Care

It's almost my restday from work and I'm just dying to get some decent sleep around here. It's unbelievable how exhausted I have been at work this week and I did not even realize it until it hit me.

It got so bad today to the point that I immediately zonked out the minute I got home, still with my full work clothes on. And to make things worse, I''m also experiencing some kind of memory gap. I keep losing my stuff, not remembering where I left them.

Not good signs, I know.

But I'm not entirely worried since I know that it's nothing that a good beauty sleep and some pampering wouldn't cure. I'm planning to visit the salon and spa over the weekend for some TLC. And of course, I plan to get some blissful sleep and maybe even sleep until past noon.

On me: thrifted lace dress, random camisole, Carlos Sanatana glad shoes, random bracelets from bazaar, Figlia oversized bag


cherie said...

ganda the dress! you're so pretty today :D that happens to me too sometimes, the moment i hit the bed, i get so sleepy too.

Dane said...

Thats such a lovely dress, what a great find.

FHCN said...

That lacy dress is gorgeous! What a great vintage find. :)
The shoes match the outfit nicely.
You look beautiful!

Honey said...

I heart the dress! Lovely!

you have an award from me.
go to to claim it. thanks!

Anonymous said...

the dress is beautiful!