Monday, July 20, 2009

Trying My Darnest

So I did mention on my previous post that I might go on M.I.A. for quite a while due to my lappie being thrown into rehab for the meantime. But I also remember promising that I'll still try my darnest to do an update if I can.

So this is where my little story begins.
Honestly, I am in no condition to be blogging right now. Aside from the fact that I have stayed up for 32 hours already, I am also on a sugar rush high in my pathetic attempt to stay up for another 6 hours. I'm amazing, am I not?

Just say yes, dammit!!! My temper is kinda short-fused with my lack of sleep right now.

Now let me also tell you another story about the photos posted in this entry.
I may be all smiling in them but I'll have you know that I went through a lot just to have them taken.

Apparently, it rained the night before so the grass was still wet while I laid on it.
And right after having the shots taken, I immediately felt itchy all over my exposed arms and legs. I don't even want to know what were on the grass. All I know is that my skin is now red all over and has itchy, little swollen dots.
Geeez... I never knew I had such sensitive skin. I'm just tragic right now!

So this is me trying my darnest... all for the sake of fashion blogging.

On me: mom's white shirt, What A girl Wants cami, thrifted maxi dress, Fossil trinity necklace, People Are People sunnies, sister's white thong sandals


Honey said...

i give you an 'A' for effort!

LLC said...

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Stacy said...

at least you're trying to stay awake! hope it all went ok

and cute dress!

thanks for following Fashion Handglide, I really appreciate it! (i don't think I ever formally thanked you)

Cheryl said...

Use an anti-itching/allergy cream and get some sleep. You'll feel good afterward, that I sincerely hope.