Monday, February 23, 2009

And The Best Actress Is....

What better thing to post than the Oscars Fashion Report. Honestly, I don't give sh*t who won and who was snobbed. All I care about is the million dollar question: "Who are you wearing?" Ha, think I could now get a job as a red carpet correspondence? Hello there E! news.

I was actually checking the Best & Worst report from Yahoo! and was surprised that I disagreed with some of them (which by the way, rarely happens.) And so, announcing the presence of...

Looks like the color black failed face flat this year.

I loved Tilda Swinton in the Constantine, but it seems that she can't get over her role up 'till now.

I can't imagine why anybody would want to age so soon, like our dear Ellen Page here.

And I am deeply dissapointed with Nicole Kidman. She used to rock the red carpet all the time. I'm just too depressed with this right now, I just might start taking anti-depressants. Or maybe she should.

I have no idea who this is, but she definitely got my attention with her Minnie Mouse inspired outfit. Last offender of that polka dot was Heidi Klum.

And speaking of Heidi Klum, she once again did not fail us in making it to our list. What with her overdose of color that's eating her up. I really don't understand how a model can go wrong with clothes.

The Oscars organizer were also really nice enough to bring a mascot for the night. Presenting the Fish Lady. Er, my bad. It's actually Marion Cotillard. I'm really not sure why Yahoo! named her as one of the best dressed. Anything with fish/reptile scales just does not work for me.

I also disagree with Yahoo! when they named Renee Zellweger as worst dressed. I don't see anything wrong with her outfit, it's just so-so.

And I also disagree with them for naming Katherine Heigl as worst dressed. I think she rocked the old Hollywood glamour and showcased her svelte figure beautifully with the dress.

Here is Hilary Swank to prove that black is still the all-time color. She is just rokin' this with her toned arms. I love it!

And a shot of color also never hurts. Unlike Heidi, Kelly Preston knows moderation and still looks modern and chic. She's bringing the mustard color back to my fave list.

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