Sunday, February 8, 2009

Too Bland and Uninspired

I treated my folks and my grandma to lunch the other day. They also wanted me to take them to the thrift shops that I go to. I knew we would be doing a lot of walking, hopping from one shop to another. So I made sure I wear a simple outfit, which included flats. I know... eeek!... my height.

The outfit ended up being too bland for me. I felt that there was something missing with it the entire time. Maybe a scarf, or a necklace, anything with a touch of color. It was just not outrageous and not overdressed enough for me. So not me!

On me: thrited polka dot dress, American Eagle khaki pleated skirt, gladiator sandals, Charles & Keith convertible bag


Anonymous said...

me drooling.. like the bag so much! :)

Overdressed Me said...

thanks! it took me a month to find this type of bag. i wanted an oversized convertible bag to carry all my heavy stuff. it's perfect for travelling.