Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Not Your Blue Fairy

This tiered chiffon dress was so light and airy, it's was almost like a dream.

I've never ever felt so comfortable and carefree. I really had fun wearing it, which made me enjoy my caramel macchiato and turkey sandwich at Starbucks more. Even when I was all alone. Bitter much? Lol.

Check out it's sexy back.

Gawd, I love these thrift shops!

On me: thrifted tiered dress, random bead necklace, SM wide belt, People Are People platform MJs


sun-kissed dreamer said...

oooh nice! doesn't look like it came from a thriftshop! visit Topshop for a dress like this and gaaaaah! kaloka!

great buy, Di!
looove it!

Overdressed Me said...

ur sooo right. they multiple the price 10x more.

i juz learned thrift shopping recently. it was finding treasures in those shops that inspired me to start this blog.

im looking forward to ur next entry too.