Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quirky on Valentine's Day

We had this color coding at work for Valentine's Day. We were to wear:

PURPLE if single,
BLUE if in a relationship,
RED - has a crush w/ somebody in the office,
GREEN - in a same sex relationship (and proud!),
PINK - happily married,
STRIPES - dating around and not committed

And this is what I wore:

People were asking, "What the heck does polka dots mean?!" Lol.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY y'all! Here's to more lovin' comin' your way...

On me: thrifted blazer, Abercrombie shirt, Promod neck tie, unknown skinny's, CLN studded MJs (not pictured)


sun-kissed dreamer said...

i looove the blazer, Di! maayo kaau ka mangita ug thrifted items!

nice outfit too! :)

Overdressed Me said...

it was actually my sis who thrifted the blazer way back when thrift stores were still unknown to me.