Friday, February 6, 2009

Earning Some Brownie Points

I work in a very conservative industry, thus the reason why I'm sometimes in pencil skirts and never in sleeveless tops. We have a corporate dress code policy to go by: closed shoes, below the knee skirts, no denims, blah blah blah.

I have been pushing the dress code policy at work and have been violating some of them for some time already. Then recently, I have been feeling a wave of guilt over this so I attempted to be a law abiding citizen this time and earn some brownie points with the boss. Lol.

See the skirt's beautiful lace detialing.

On me: mom's white shirt, thrifted cardigan, gifted scarf from mom, SM wide belt, thrifted full skirt, SM cut-out oxfords


sun-kissed dreamer said...

im diggin' your Oxfords Di! wish i could pull off this look! im scared to experiment.. lol

Overdressed Me said...

wahaha... baga lang jud ko ug nawng oi. hangtod naanad nlang ang mge peeps nako. they now juz ignore my weird outfits.

and between d two of us, ikaw ang mas naay karapatan mag-outfit. seriously! im also now following ur blog and id love to see more outfit posts.