Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Flew From Hell And Back

Hey y'all! Just got in L.A. and it's raining like mad which is why it's so cold here.
I was planning to take a photo of my outfit while on standby at the airport for my connecting flight, but I suddenly had shyness-attack. Lol.

I love my wide-legged trousers! I don't care if I'm too short to wear one, but they were just sooooo comfortable. Especially with that 12-hour flight that I had to endure. I had to wear bussiness outfit since I was hoping to get a business class ticket and they kinda have a strict dress code.


My conscience couldn't take it so I'm posting better photos of my outfit than the one I previously posted.

On me: mom's white shirt, Promod wide-legged trousers, Promod leather belt, Buxton laptop bag, Ayala platform pumps


Anonymous said...

the two-toned ensemble! nice! :)
When it comes to trousers, Promod hits my number 1 list. :)

btw Di, saw Cindy Y. yesterday.. she reminded me that someone's turning a year older tomorrow.. hehe!

kainan unta 2 kung wala pa nilarga! lol

Overdressed Me said...

love Promod's sales as well! they have big sales wen a season is over and their new collection is in.

lagi, for a change dri ko mag-birthday. as in, kaon na pud unta kung naa pa ko dha. mo-tago ko ron. hehehe.