Sunday, February 15, 2009

We've Got Issues

I knew this would happen. So far, all my travel preps have been going smoothly. This should have warned me that something was gonna go wrong sooner or later. And it did.

My flight got cancelled since there were so few people who booked for it. And so they're bumping us to other earlier flights that are also fully booked. This totally ruined the already-tight schedule that I'm running between work and home.

And add to that some major drama going on that I simply don't have the time AND patience to deal with right now.

I know, I complain too much. Anyway, this is what I wore while juggling all these issues.

Now back to my frantic mode. Later y'all!

On me: thrifted gingham dress, gifted scarf from mom, Raphaella Booz platform wedges (not pictured)


sun-kissed dreamer said...

u dont look so stressed, Di!
still looking fab! :)

btw, i saw a dress like this in Multipy and kaloka the price! 900 lang kaha! bow jud ko sa imong shopping powers! :)

so looove the dress.Ü

Overdressed Me said...

thanks Toni! ikaw, asa naman imo mga outfit post? we want more, we want more (me cheering you)

this dress was my first thrifted item which started my fashion blog. katong bag-o pa nauso ang plaid. it was actually the same dress that I first featured on my blog.