Thursday, February 26, 2009

They Say Age Doesn't Matter

Went on another shopping spree today. I'm really in love with their outlet stores here. I swear, if only I do not have any weather (cold) issues, I'd decide to live here just so I can shop all the time.

I guess this will be my last here though.... I hope so 'coz right now, I'm already down to my last $5. No kidding.

For some reason, people at the shopping center were staring at me all day. I thought people here don't give a da*mn what other people are wearing.

My aunt has a different theory though. She believes that because I'm short and small compared to the average American, people here probably thought I'm too young to afford all that I'm shopping. Ha!

On me: Cocoa maxi dress, Ann Taylor clear-rimmed sunnies, Charles & Keith convertible bag, Raphaella Booz platform wedges


Anonymous said...

i LOOOOOOVE your sunnies!!!
its TDF! me drooling right now.. *slurp* lol
wa nay igsoon? haha!!

Overdressed Me said...

barato ra rba kaayo ni. tag $16 ra.