Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Angelina Jolie Twist

I love checking fashion in award nights. During the most recent SAG Awards, Angelina Jolie caused quite a stir. She was lovely and regal as usual but what caused the stir was the fact that she wore her Max Azria gown backwards.

Check out how she added a Jolie twist to the dress.

There were speculations that Angie erroneously wore the gown the wrong way. But it was explained by her stylist that she intentionally wore it backwards to make it look more "blousy". And it is also noticeable how Angie favors this type of silhouette lately.

I personally think that she wore the gown in a classic way and it worked better with her infamous tattoos on her back. Tells you that she's now a prim & proper mother who still knows how to rock it. And besides, she'll always be my favorite girl.

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