Friday, February 27, 2009

Diane von Furstenberg Is The God!

I was by Saks Fifth Avenue the other day and I browsed through Diane von Furstenberg's collections. Then I fell in love with her Spring 2008 collection.

I wanted to buy some but each item was like $200, on sale already, and I just could not afford it. So I settled to drooling over them for hours and hours in the store. And it also didn't help that on my flight back to LA, the plane's TV entertainment featured the making of her Resort 2009 collection.

And because I still can't get over her when I got home, I went ahead and drooled some more on her other collections online. I went through all her collections, even as far back as her Fall 2001 collection, and I just cannot find any fault in her clothes.

I'm obessessed with her clothes and with the woman herself. She is the very person who understands a woman's body and creates art which showcases the flow and feminity of a woman's body in a very classic and chic way. After all, she is best known for introducing the lover to the woman's body, the "wrap dress".

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